Mess Making

This project is my first studio elective at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore. Titled 'A.K.A (Also Known As) , the project brief revolved around alter egos, personas, and second selves that act as opposites or exaggerations of our inherent traits.  Sometimes there is a certain order amongst things that are disorganized and chaotic. My alter ego was a person who tries and see the beauty beneath some of these settings.

Project Mentors: Jason Gottlieb and Jennifer Cole Phillips.

One part of my output involved exploring hidden patterns and symmetry behind a disorganized or messy environment. By using simple shapes and forms, I was able to create simple vector representations of these environments.

The second part of the output looked at prompting the viewer to try and make a mess themselves. I used action words and verbs to  invite the audience to try different experiments in order to understand the order behind all this disorder.