Project Team: Pragun Agarwal

Year: 2019

Client: Noise India

Noise makes the latest personal technology accessories available and affordable to young Indian consumers. They have been listed as bestselling brand on Amazon and Flipkart for four years in a row and in 2019, it was the biggest Indian seller of wireless earphones in the country. Noise aims to be the biggest player in the Indian market, a household name with young, highly tech-savvy Indian consumers and a brand Indians are be proud of.

Simple, sophisticated and functional, the new brand system embraces geometry and a flexible visual language to use across a number of formats and products. The icon can be used across different sizes and scales and the customized lettering for the logotype is designed to support or work independently.

“Simple, sophisticated and functional”

“From shy to bold, clear and confident”

Current usage and applications (Pictures courtesy: