Documenting an event is another project in itself. I hired photographers and videographers to document every little detail of the event. These photographs and images manifested in a small publication that I created. Titled, 'Post–Toast', this tabloid format publication showcased some of the highlights from the event. This became a design piece that perfectly captured the different interactions of the event on paper, especially for someone who couldn't attend the event. It became an effective way to share and discuss my project with anyone. I printed multiple copies and was able to send one to all the speakers as well.

The next step of my project was the preparation for the Thesis Exhibition. I was allocated a 12 ft by 23 ft wall. This dimension was a little daunting at first. Another challenging aspect for me was the fact that my event had already taken place, I was constantly figuring out how to exhibit an event from the past. I decided to use the different posters and letterforms that were integral to my design language and scale them up to arrange and fill the space. This gave the viewer a sense of scale and idea of the event. I also installed the items that were put in the takeaway bag along with the Post Toast publication. Lastly, I compiled all the videos in the form of a short trailer that encompasses the key moments from the event.

As the element of scale was so crucial to my installation, I used this opportunity to re-create the handmade letterforms that were part used in all my branding applications. By using an industrial sponge, I was able create a much larger set this time. I also included a process video for the viewers to understand this technique.