Client: Script | Worked with: Codesign Images And Content Credits: Codesign

Project Team: Rajesh Dahiya, Mohor Ray Dahiya and Pragun Agarwal.

Script is a new brand by Godrej & Boyce, offering contemporary furniture & decor accessories across mass-premium, urban markets in India. Script marks the entry of the Godrej group into a new segment that is sharply differentiated from their established budget furniture brand Interio. The new brand addresses emerging needs of contemporary lifestyle & home spaces, and delivers solutions backed by Godrej’s intrinsic culture of design & manufacturing innovation.  At Codesign, I was a part of the team that was worked on creating the visual identity system for this new brand. The visual vocabulary for Script establishes an instantly recognizable and distinct aesthetic for the brand. It evokes the core sense of newness & change, with fresh playful design elements while expressing the premiumness of brand with sophisticated restraint in the graphic play.

The brand logo is a simple, sophisticated mark, that exudes warmth while standing out with its geometric construction. Derived from the logo, four Graphic Elements (the bar, bend, ring & half ring) open up a whole ecosystem of activity and play for the design language—cueing the smart agility & adaptability of the products. A rigorous framework sets behaviour for graphic play with the elements creating cohesiveness across vibrant variations.