WIP Museum

The WIP Museum was a project that was done as a part of my GDMFA studio electives at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Our brief was to develop speculative museum concepts and then visualize aspects of these future institutions through logotypes, animated trailers, products, gallery diagrams, artifacts, experiences, etc.  A ‘work in progress’ stands for an unfinished project that is still being developed. This museum provides a space for people to celebrate the idea of a process through a constructive and collaborative manner. Events like music jam sessions, dance rehearsals and non profit workshops are a few examples of how the audience can be a part of a wide variety of experiences.

Project Mentors: Jason Gottlieb and Antonio Alcala.

The branding reflects the notion of any work being developed or processed. The combination of strokes and fills creates a dynamic identity system that can adapt itself onto different applications. Each piece of this identity system reflects this notion of a ‘work in progress’